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Why Your Pharmacy Should Become ePharmacy?

Mar 23, 2022

India and the whole world is rapidly moving towards digital. The reasons behind this quick adoption are simple: Convenience and Cost-effectiveness. 


Before we start to explore these reasons let’s first talk about the adoption of technology in general.


How has technology been adopted across India?

Technology - especially e-commerce platform - has become an integral part of our lives. Starting from the shopping for the non-essential items like clothing, sports products etc. to purchase the essential items like medical equipment and health products, the online shopping pattern of the consumers have evolved. 


One article in McKinsey urged the Indian companies to adopt the digital wave, “Indian consumers have strongly embraced digital technologies. Now India’s companies must follow suit.”


This growth is not limited to online pharmacy platforms only, but it also covers whole healthcare segment such as telemedicine apps, doctor consultation and other emerging technologies.


A 2019 report by Royal Philips, a global leader in health technology, established that 76% of healthcare professional in India are already using digital health records in their practice. And this is the reason why ePharmacy website development, ePharmacy app development are on the rise today.



Today the customers are already purchasing other items online. So, it is not new for them to purchase medicines online. Also, ordering medicines from their phones allows them to have both - the luxury of not having to leave their home.



Switching to online pharmacies allows pharmacy owners to cut significant operational costs, so they are providing additional discounts to the customers.


Build your own app:

No matter whether you are a pharmacy owner, wholesale owner or pharmacy manufacturer, as a healthcare service provider if you want to be part of this enticing and growing field, you need to have a functional app and a website.


Whatever your needs must be, we are here to help you in the domain of Pharma IT. You can build a high-quality android app, iOS app and a website for your business with us. Want to experience why clients across the globe are relying on our services for their online platform development needs? 


Get your free demo here.


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